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Who I am & what I do

Tanner Pontius

I’m a freelance Web Designer/Developer and Digital Marketer based in Columbus, Ohio who uses proven strategies to grow businesses. My expertise is in Web Design & Web Development, Chatbot Marketing, and Facebook Ads.

When these three strategies are deployed in unison, clients have seen incredible results and growth in their businesses.


A showcase of my works

Every business is unique and therefore every project and solution is unique as well. I spend a lot of upfront time to learn and understand the business. A well-crafted solution cannot be created without ample information and context.


What I'm good at

I focus on a few key areas and I do them very well. I don’t believe it’s possible to be an expert in lots of areas, so I’ve chosen to focus on Web Design & Web Development, Chatbot Marketing, and Facebook Ads. I have the ability and experience to provide additional services, however, it is not what I actively market as my expertise.

Web Development

Chatbot Marketing

Facebook Ads



I work with cool companies

These are a handful of the amazing businesses I’ve been privileged to work with over the years and continue to work with many of them. We’ve executed on various projects and strategies but everything always comes back to one goal: GROWTH. That’s what my clients and I have always focused on and the only measurement that truly matters.

Poke Bros.

Calvetta Bros.

Orion Waste Solutions

Brookstone Homes

LoCo Depot Training Station

Divine Events & Cafe

Mission Impact

Mexia Interactive


Don't take my word for it

Ellen Mahoney

Founder – Sea Change Mentoring
Tanner was able to capture the kind of feeling I wanted our clients to experience with us – modern, personable, professional, and synergetic. He was very open to feedback, worked quickly, and listened effectively to what I wanted. I would absolutely recommend!

Joel Gottehrer

Owner – Queen Fitness
Tanner clearly has an eye for design. He took the time to understand not only what I was looking for but more importantly my business goals. I was able to discover the aspects I had not previously considered. If you’re looking for someone who understands how to leverage the digital world to help drive business, consider Tanner for your next project.

Siegfried Settele

Owner – Settele Dental Lab
Tanner is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to all aspects of digital marketing and web design. He only cares about driving results which is actually hard to find with most agencies. My dental lab is growing because of the strategies he’s using and is always looking for ways to improve and stay ahead of the trends. You need to use Tanner if you’re looking to grow your business!

Naomi Hattaway

Founder – I Am a Triangle
Working with Tanner was such an enjoyable experience! He came into the project that had already been started by someone else and breathed new life into it. No idea was too big for Tanner, and he worked diligently to make sure that my concepts were developed for our audience, and also brought fresh and new ideas to the table as well. All deadlines were met and exceeded for the time allotted and his communication style and availability (and response time) was outstanding! I highly recommend!


This is how I work

One thing I have perfected over 6+ years is the process and structure for every project I work on. These steps are applied in order and every step is intentional. To run a smooth project and more importantly a successful one, this process is a major factor behind them both.

Defining the problem

When you go to the doctor you tell them your symptoms before getting a diagnosis. When it comes to marketing your business is no different. I ask a lot of questions to assess the situation and begin to piece together the diagnosis and therefore prescribe the right solution.

Conduct the research

Once we’ve defined the problem, I go to work by conducting intense research. I take the time to learn your business in detail, your competitors, the current state of the industry/market, and most importantly – your target market. All of these areas of research are vital to the solution we execute on.


Once the solutions and strategies are defined we will collaboratively create rough prototypes and sketches. Prototyping involves quite quickly crafting wireframe concepts, layouts, and aids in zeroing in on a design direction.

Design & development

This step in the process is always the bulk of the project. Whether it’s a website, chatbot, or Facebook ads this is where the actual execution is done. Designs will be created and reviewed and once approved they will be developed and brought to life.


Now comes the most exciting part of the process which is launching the project and putting the strategies to practice. All of the hard work to this point will show and results will begin to be achieved from this point forward.

Measure & Improve

This is a step that has separated me from many other options out there. Unlike most, after launch, I don’t say “good luck” and disappear into the abyss. While we’ve had a successful and exciting launch, the work continues. Marketing is a forever effort and while projects on their own achieve fantastic results, there are always improvements to be made. I take the time to review the metrics that actually matter and recommend areas we can improve.


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